The cleanest chart for trading

The cleanest chart for trading was when several tools or indicators were added to the chart in order to be in line with the main market trend and to trade in the direction of the great traders.

We are still the same people and the market is always the same.

Our mindset was right, which means we need to look for a larger community, however, our criteria for recognizing this important thing was wrong.

The correct criterion is to identify the price behavior.

Identifying the price behavior is actually to identify the behavior of influential traders in the market.

Since we are trading with these people in the market, we need to measure them, neither indicators, oscillators, nor time frames and various tools.

Now, how do we measure their behavior? Does their behavior indicate that the great traders are in the market or the retail traders? If they are in the market, how long are they going to stay in the market?

To find the answers to these questions, our chart must be clean and legible so that we can be sure that the great traders are in the market, in which direction they are going to be active, and how long they will stay in the market.

The personality of traders in the market is determined by their behavior against the price.

For example, in the picture below and in each case, how do you feel about the presence or absence of traders and their tendencies?

In which case do you think the presence of the great traders is felt?

Certainly No. 3. Because price movements, price acceleration, and liquidity in a certain direction led to price growth and indicated the presence of the great traders.

No. 2 indicates the absence of traders in the market, or if they were before, they are now out and the market is in Choppy condition.

No. 1 shows us that there were the great ones in the market, however for some reason, they are closing their trading positions and have already changed their minds.

Therefore, when we are going to trade in the market, we need to look for the market context to find out who is active in the market.

Market context definition

The last sequence of the market that we need is about 70 to 90 recent candles. Of course, the market context we are going to trade in must be clear and transparent, as well as without additional tools and clutter, so that we can focus all our attention on the behavior of traders in the market (with the mentioned clues in the Jabalameli Price Action method).

Clean Chart Signs

If you are going to enter a trade and go to the checklist [go to the Jabalameli Academy website/ Auxiliary Tools section] to fill it in, which will lead to trade, you should see all the checklist items clearly on the chart, should not be hesitant, should not find it difficult or vague to recognize, because the vague market indicates that there are no great traders in the market and we do not trade in such a market. In other words, you can clearly see where the strength and liquidity of the market are.

Thus, when the market is not clear or is Choppy (Choppy is a chart in which strength and weakness are not seen in any direction of the chart and the price moves chaotically) and it is not possible to recognize a good leg in it, we say that the market context is not clean and clear, and recognizable.

To trade, we always need to go for clear and transparent time frames.

We suggest you watch the following video to choose the cleanest chart for trading:

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