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  • فقط برای معامله گرانی که از طرف پرایس اکشن تیم حساب باز می کنند
  • حداقل 100 دلار واریز داشته باشند
  • این بونوس در حساب زیرواسپرد قابل ارایه می باشد
  • این بونوس برای هر کابین فقط یکبار قابل درخواست می باشد
  • مبلغ بونوس قابل انتقال به حساب دیگری نمی باشد

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Price Action Bonus Conditions:

  1. This bonus starts on the 20th of March and ends on the 20th of April 2021.
  2. Minimum required deposit amount $100 for receiving a $200 “Price Action Bonus.” 
  3. To withdraw or lose the $200 “Price Action Bonus,” the customer has to complete at least 20 MT4 standard lots in 6 months and introduce at least one trader to PCM using the customer’s referral link.
  4. Only one bonus is available for one cabin at once.
  5. Bonus amount is not transferable between the MT4 accounts in the cabin.
  6. If the customer withdraws their deposit amount without meeting the conditions, the awarded bonus will be removed.
  7. Subsequent deposit for completing T&C lots will be accepted. 
  8. PCM has full rights to modify or cancel the promotion, and it’s T&C at any time and not responsible if any open positions get squared off due to it.
  9. A bonus is not available for 1000 leverage account type.
  10. General T&C accepted.

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